I‘m project manager with long time real life experience on first-line management position for many markets and customers (IT, delivery, software development, public, utilities, telco, banking, e-health, security area, Data Center, infrastructure, building, energy sector, civilian airports, universities, government offices, transformation, pure business projects, SAP etc).

I prefer challenges – especially the tough and high-risk projects (with unreal deadline, budget overloaded, relation issues, hard stakeholders’ expectations, escalations, crisis, conflicts, chaos on the board etc.). I tend to agree it’s really tough job, but great motivation stream.

My motto? Always be fair-play. Even if the other side isn’t..

Flashback: I’ve been worked long time as programmer, consultant, business analyst, project manager, agile coach, scrum master, product owner, PMO chief, director, CIO, expert. Therefore I know reality very well.

If you have serious project issue, blocker, risk – don’t worry. You can trust me. Strictly speaking 99% of my projects have been finished successfullyIt’s not a pride – it’s a fact.

Hmm, that’s interesting… so much diversity, so many jobs, issues, people, places, relations – and all the time I’d like to believe  – the life is great..

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